Save time and money with easy-to-use 2D machine guidance system from Xsite®

Don’t waste time jumping on and off your excavator for checking grades manually!

With the Xsite® EASY machine guidance you’ll always know how much to cut or fill. Your bucket elevation and angle are shown in real-time with clear visuals.

Work with centimetre accuracy, without unnecessary interruptions.

Prevent over & under cuts

Know exactly how much to cut or fill. Material and transportation costs decrease as the use and transportation of extra materials are no longer needed.

Work with ease

The system guides the operator in all weather conditions and, therefore, making the work easier especially under poor conditions, such as rain or darkness.


The work gets done more efficiently and quickly as the operator can concentrate on productive work, instead of jumping on-and-off the machine checking grades.

Perfect companion for small construction projects

Xsite® EASY is a simple excavator guidance system that saves you time and money. The system shows you the elevation of your bucket at a centimetre precision in real-time.

Work with planes and slopes, with easy-to-read graphics.


  • Easy and quick way to do small projects
  • Reduce the need for surveying on-site
  • Can be used with or without a laser receiver (ie. slopes)
  • Increase work safety
  • Can be scaled up to a full 3D system

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