Save time and money with an easy-to-use operator guidance system from Xsite®

Making life easier for excavator operators!

Xsite® EASY operator guidance removes the need for manual grade checking and jumping on and off the excavator.

With the Xsite® EASY, you’ll always know how much to cut or fill. The easy-to-use system guides you in achieving the desired depth and/or inclination via easy-to-follow, real-time graphics.

Work with centimeter accuracy without unnecessary interruptions!

Avoid over & under cuts

With Xsite EASY, you’ll always know exactly how much to cut or fill. Material and transportation costs decrease as the use and transportation of extra materials are no longer needed.

Increase work safety

Xsite EASY’s proximity alarm can be set to warn the operator when getting too close to existing structures or a powerline, for example.

Increase productivity

Xsite® EASY guides the machine operator in attaining the target plane quickly and easily. When the job is carried out correctly the first time, you can save time, money, and fuel.

Make every job easier and faster with Xsite® EASY

The easy-to-read UI and the system’s functions are designed with excavator operators to ensure ease of use and maximized on-site productivity.

  • Work with foundations
  • Level out flat pads
  • Excavate trenches & slopes
  • Suitable for dredging/underwater excavations

Easy-to-use, built-in measuring tool

Check and calculate slopes and distances using the bucket of your excavator.

You can set the measured slope as a reference with just one touch of the screen.

A perfect tool for continuing existing slopes or trenches when other designs are unavailable.

The easiest entry to machine control

With Xsite EASY, prior knowledge of machine control systems is not needed. Going from first boot to productive work is possible in only a matter of minutes.

With EASY, you don’t need to browse a manual, just turn it on and start working!

Work more independently and efficiently at your own pace. The increased productivity translates to saved time and money!

Main features

  • Fast and accurate measuring of depth, distance, and slope
  • Real-time visualization of the bucket and target-level orientation
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive user Interface
  • Light and dark theme for optimized visibility
  • Customizable views for different tasks
  • Measuring mode for continuing existing slopes and surfaces
  • Full-screen Cut/Fill View (selectable)
  • Support for a rotating Jobsite laser
  • Support for tilt-rotator integration

Hardware features

  • Crisp and clear, anti-glare touchscreen (size: 5”)
  • Integrated “Quick Glance” LED indicator for Cut/Fill
  • Fast and accurate, waterproof G-series sensors (suitable for dredging)
  • Fully upgradeable to 3D machine control

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