Machine control for WHEEL LOADERS

Increase the efficiency of your wheel loaders with Xsite®!

The Xsite® PRO 3D machine control system makes working with a wheel loader more effective and reduces measurement, material and fuel costs.

Work with centimetre accuracy, without unnecessary interruptions.

Prevent over & under cuts

Know exactly how much to cut or fill. Material and transportation costs decrease as the use and transportation of extra materials are no longer needed.

Cloud Connection

Always work with the latest project plans. Using the Xsite MANAGE cloud service, the 3D models are uploaded to the system automatically, so you can concentrate on productive work.


The work gets done more efficiently and quickly as the operator can concentrate on productive work, instead of jumping on-and-off the machine checking grades.

Xsite® PRO 3D for wheel loaders

With the help of the machine control system the operator will find it easy to tackle any task.

The clear 8,4″ touch screen with intutive user interface enables the operator to easily monitor the difference in the elevation of the bucket’s blade and the target surface.

Different functions of the Xsite® PRO 3D are designed as easy to use as possible. For example, selecting and changing the active design model can be done by just one touch!


  • Large 8,4″ touchscreen with clear graphics
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fast & accurate satellite positioning
  • High speed sensors with IMU technology
  • Remote support and Cloud Connection

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