For any earthwork contractor, it is vital to perform work with quality, precision, and on schedule.

Utilizing machine control in work machines enables optimizing the different phases in the earthwork process, from planning to the upkeep phase.


The machine control system assists the machine operator in attaining the target plane quickly and easily. When the job is done correctly the first time, you can save time, materials, and fuel. The increased productivity shows in improved profitability.


Work more independently

Project designs are constantly available on the system’s screen and can be updated automatically via cloud, so the site foreman does not need to instruct your operations.

Use your time on productive work

The system shows the bucket’s height and position in real time so the work gets done more quickly. The operator can concentrate on productive work instead of jumping on-and-off the machine checking grades.

Achieve better quality easier

The machine control system guides the operator with a centimeter accuracy. With Xsite PRO 3D, you’ll always know exactly how much to cut or fill.

Great local remote support

Your local Xsite technical support can guide you and help with any problems without visiting the site. Remote support saves time and money, as it minimizes downtimes in jobsites.

Easy to adopt – less time for training

Xsite systems are straightforward to learn – the basics can be taught in under one hour of training. Additional training and instructions are always available over remote support when needed.

Durable, High Quality Components

The earthmoving industry has used our field-proven solutions since the early 1990s. Our system’s components are carefully designed to endure the rough conditions of construction sites.

working with machine control vs. traditional methods

Comparison of the same project done using machine control versus the traditional method.
In total, the traditional way uses, on average, 50% more time to accomplish the same thing as the technology-assisted way.

46% less time spent on project
Project hours
34% fewer equipment hours
Equipment hours
34% fewer labor hours
Labor hours
27% fewer operator hours
Operator hours
37% less fuel consumed
Fuel consumption
Using Machine Control
Traditional way

Towards excavation perfection with Xsite®

Work smarter, faster, and safer than ever before while saving money at the same time. Sounds good, right? Cue Xsite machine control system: it’s here to give you a huge advantage when working with earthmoving machinery.

Read how Xsite® Machine Control can increase your productivity and work safety!

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Xsite® remote service
and training

We understand that learning new technology might feel like a drag. But don’t worry!

Our friendly and professional local support services cover your back and ensure that you can keep working smarter without interruptions while on the job!

With remote support, your local Xsite® dealer can provide you with guidance or troubleshooting without having to visit the site!


Xsite® Machine Control systems can be installed to any excavator – from mini excavators to big mining excavators. System can also be installed to dual-, telescope- or swing boom excavators.


In 2D systems, the machine is equipped with calibrated inclination sensors. These sensors are mounted on the pre-determined parts of the machine – in excavators the sensor are usually mounted to the frame, boom (or booms), digger arm and to the quick coupler.

By using the data received from these sensors the system can calculate the exact position of the excavators bucket tip in relevance to a reference point.

In 3D systems the machine is equipped with satellite positioning that enables using 3D models as a reference in construction

A comprehensive usage training for the system is provided to your by your local dealer, after the installation. The system is very easy to learn – the basics can be taught in under one hour of training.

With Xsite® you don’t have to worry about learning all the tips and trick at once. Additional training and instructions are always available over remote support when needed.

Contact your local Xsite® dealer to find out more!

A wireless Internet connection makes it possible to create a remote connection between the machine control system and the service centre. By using this remote function, the local technical support team can provide you with guidance – without having to visit the site. Remote support saves time and money as it minimizes the downtimes in jobsites.

1. Send a support request by long pressing the brightness button on the display.
2. The Xsite’s technical support team receives the request.
3. Call your local Xsite remote support number.
4. The connection is established and the support person has remote access to your system. You can see the actions of the support person on your systems screen.

Xsite machine control remote support

Xsite® Machine Control systems support open standard file formats, for enabling seamless information flow from one system to another.

Supported file formats:

  • 2D-Maps: DXF
  • Point files: DXF, XML, GT, CSV, KOF, PXY
  • Geometry lines: VGP, SBG, XML, Anpakke
  • Surface Models: DXF, XML

Depending on your choice of system (with or without positioning ie. 2D or 3D) your machine is equipped with inclination sensors, a controller unit and a display/operating panel.

For 3D system your machine is equipped with satellite antennas and a satellite receiver, in addition to the component mentioned above.

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