Easy-to-use machine control for excavators with excellent support and customer service. With Xsite® you’ll do your best work yet!

What is machine control?

A machine control system assists the machine operator to swiftly and easily achieve the target plane.

When the job is executed correctly on the first attempt, you’ll save time, materials, and fuel. The increased productivity is reflected in improved profitability.

Optimized construction with Xsite® Workflow

Xsite® products assist you in forecasting, overseeing, and completing projects more efficiently, utilizing fewer resources, minimizing waste, and reducing costs.

The Xsite® Workflow is founded on open standards and non-proprietary formats, allowing seamless data exchange among all parties involved.

Given the evolving regulations and changing expectations of your customers, staying on the frontline is crucial. With Xsite, you can optimize your operations, ensuring your back is covered better than ever.

Compare systems

FeatureXsite® EASYXsite® PRO 2DXsite® PRO 3D
Depth, distance and slope measurement
Elevation from stake or other reference pointYou can set and compare your bucket’s elevation to a certain reference point.
Elevation from rotating laserYou can use a rotating worksite laser as a height reference. Xsite system automatically calculates the height difference compared to the desired depth.
Excavating using 3D models created with the systemYou can easily create your own models in cab with the system, to assist you in your excavation project.
Excavating using 3D models created by a design engineer3D models are visualizations of your project. They can present surfaces, pipes, wells, cables, etc.
Dual slope with compass
Full openBIM compatibilityXsite PRO 3D with LANDNOVA X has full support for openBIM/Model based construction process. Support for open file formats and comprehensive metadata.
Support for tilting buckets
Satellite positioningXsite® EASY and Xsite® PRO 2D can be upgraded to a complete 3D system by adding additional components and software.
GNSS CompassXsite PRO 3D shows machine direction using the GNSS positioning antennas.
Tiltrotator integrationXsite systems support Encgon, Rototilt, Steelwrist, SMP, and Marttiini tiltrotators. Confirm compatibility with your local reseller.
Excavator Joystick integrationEnables using the main functions of the Xsite system with the excavator’s joystick buttons. Confirm compatibility with your local reseller.
Wireless data transferWireless data transfer requires a sim-card.
Remote ConnectionThe remote connection enables your local Xsite support team to establish a connection with your machine control system, to control and view it on their own screen. Remote support requires a sim card.
3rd party cloud servicesSuch as Infrakit. Confirm suitable service providers from your local dealer.
Data transfer via USB
Xsite® EASY
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Xsite® PRO 2D
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Xsite® PRO 3D
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