Increase your efficiency with an intelligent and easy-to-use 3D machine control system for excavators.

With Xsite® PRO 3D You’ll always know what should be built, how and where!

No need for paper plans, manual grade checking, or jumping on and off the machine!

Xsite PRO 3D enables the contractor to do the work correctly the first time, avoiding over or undercuts. Work with centimeter accuracy without unnecessary interruptions.

All the project information and designs are displayed to the machine operator in an easily understandable visual format.


No over or under cuts

With Xsite® PRO 3D, you’ll always know exactly how much to cut or fill. Material and transportation costs decrease as extra materials are no longer needed.

Stay connected

Always work with the latest project plans. Design models can be uploaded to the system with wireless data transfer automatically, so you can concentrate on productive work.

Increase productivity

Machine control system guides the excavator operator in attaining the target plane quickly and easily. When the job is carried out properly the first time, you can save time and materials!

Smoothest user experience you can imagine

Work faster, easier, and more safely with Xsite® PRO 3D

An easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, real-time information, and professional support guarantee the smoothest user experience you can imagine.

Xsite® Machine Control systems are developed together with our customers, machine operators, and construction companies all over the world, to provide the best systems for any construction project.

With Xsite®, you’ll do your best work yet.


Quick to learn – Easy to use

The intuitive user interface makes the system very easy to use, even for operators with no prior experience in machine control.

A clear and easy-to-read 8,4″ display makes the operator’s work easy and comfortable.

Familiar UI-gestures

Easy to use

Antiglare panel for best visibility

Accurate positioning

By using several satellite systems, Xsite PRO 3D provides fast and reliable satellite positioning, even in difficult conditions such as those found in urban areas.





Compact & rugged high speed sensors

Xsite’s G2 sensors offer extremely accurate measurement results over 17 times faster than before. For the machine operator, this means more efficient work and ease of use.

The sensor is designed to function even in extreme conditions and can be used even underwater, for example in dredging.

17-times faster

High durability


Joystick integration

Avoid interruptions to productive work! Use the main functions of the Xsite® PRO system without taking your hand of the control levers with the joystick integration.

Joystick integration can also be installed to an existing Xsite® PRO system! Contact your local Xsite dealer for more information.

Integration to tiltrotator

Xsite® Machine Control supports a wide range of tiltrotator brands, including:

  • Engcon
  • Rototilt
  • Steelwrist
  • SMP
  • Marttiini

Contact your local Xsite dealer for more information!

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