“Work smarter, faster, and safer than ever before while saving money at the same time

Towards excavation perfection with Xsite®

Work smarter, faster, and safer than ever before while saving money at the same time. Sounds good, right? Cue Xsite machine control system: it’s here to give you a huge advantage when working with earthmoving machinery.

“We wanted to develop a tool that helps you every day at construction sites. In a nutshell, something that shows you where to dig, how much to dig, and lays out the plan for the whole excavation site”, says Kalle Mulari, Product Manager of Xsite® Machine Control systems for excavators and surveying equipment.

As a product manager, he makes sure that Xsite’s customers’ needs are being heard and understood and then brings new development ideas to production. “I think it’s essential to listen carefully to our customers’ demands and everyday insights about their work. That’s the only way we can develop the technology specifically for the people who really use it every day. Our goal is to make working with excavators as precise, fast and safe as possible.”

Saving resources one jobsite at a time

Xsite machine control systems and machine guidance models help operators handle even the most challenging sites. They portray the whole excavation site in an easily understandable way and give a precise outline of the job ahead. “This helps planning things in advance. When time is of the essence and quality control is relatively tight, Xsite makes it easier to document location data, such as coordinates on infrastructure worksites,” Mulari explains.

Xsite’s versatility and technical qualities make it useful for construction sites of all sizes. An individual machine operator with his fleet of earthmoving machinery benefits from Xsite as it gives more freedom to focus on the actual job. You no longer need to do everything yourself or hire additional help for something that machine control can do for you. In large projects, construction companies can streamline operations and make information management way smoother with the help of Xsite’s wireless data transfer.

“There’s no need to stop what you’re doing, jump out of the cabin, check that everything’s in order, go back in, dig, and then jump out again. The system shows you how the excavation progresses in real time, so you don’t need a separate person planting stakes or checking the site afterwards for possible miscalculations. Everything can be handled swiftly from inside the cabin. This saves an enormous amount of time and money,” Mulari explains.

No more mistakes at the construction site

Our goal with Xsite is to erase all room for human error in places where even the tiniest mistake can lead to big losses. “It really can be just a matter of inches, especially at more challenging construction sites such as bridge building sites and pipelines, even in building foundations: if your excavations are 2 inches too deep, you will need huge quantities of landfill materials. This is neither cost-effective nor smart use of resources.”

Xsite supports a wide range of 3D models and is easy to integrate to 3rd party systems. “We support open standards. It’s the only way to make everything move seamlessly from one system to another. You can use Xsite together with the systems that you already have, which makes collaborating with others easier, especially on bigger sites.”

Work safer and smarter with Xsite

In addition to saving valuable resources, the matter of work safety is a key element to consider when working at construction sites. Machine control systems enhance work safety at bigger and smaller sites alike, as they can also be used to pre-determine dangerous spots onsite. Xsite gives the user the option to set a safety perimeter around dangerous areas to avoid digging in the wrong places. The system warns you when you get too close, thus keeping the digger, the machinery, and the area safe and sound.

“It’s important to acknowledge that nowadays no-one needs to take any unnecessary risks. We have the technology to avoid dangerous situations, so why not use it. Xsite helps to avoid ‘going in blind’ and gives you the guidelines for working safely out there.”

Remote support to the rescue

If the investment to machine control systems has started to sound like a good idea but the uncertainty of how to use them still lingers, Kalle Mulari has some words of encouragement.

“Machine control systems are not difficult to use at all, even though they might sound like it at first. We’ve got great feedback from users all over the world that Xsite has been easy to deploy and use. Our remote support can aid users in everyday situations. We host training events both remotely and onsite to ensure that everyone gets the hang of things fast. We’ve seen our customers’ everyday life improve tremendously with Xsite. It has been great to see it give new meaning and direction to earthmoving, a job that’s been around for basically forever.”

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