Xsite EASY is now available with a compass functionality

With this new release, an easy-to-use compass functionality is added to Xsite EASY 2D system as a separate compass sensor package. The new and existing Xsite EASY systems can be upgraded with the compass as a software update including the full sensor package.

With the compass, the Xsite EASY can be used to its full capacity for all earthmoving task where 3D positioning is not required, ranging from simple leveling to complex two-directional slope work. This makes your work faster and more versatile and your projects cost-efficient – as well as easy and fun!

The reliable GNSS compass provides accurate heading information throughout the day with no need for calibration or resetting heading to maintain direction. The compass can be selected to be visually displayed in the top left corner of the screen.

For more information, contact your local Xsite resellers today!