Meet The New Xsite® EASY – Easy-to-Use Operator Guidance System for Excavators!

BAUMA Release: A New Operator Guidance System From Xsite®

Xsite® Machine Control releases the next generation 2D Machine Control System in Bauma 2022. The new Xsite® EASY is the pick of the bunch for increasing productivity and quality of excavator operations, especially for those who are relatively new to machine control systems.

Xsite® EASY is an operator guidance system that allows the excavator operator to work more efficiently and independently on small and mid-size civil engineering and earthmoving projects. The design principle for the new Xsite® EASY was to offer a solid, easy-to-use system for excavators that will benefit the operator from the first boot.

In addition to easy-to-use features, the new Xsite® EASY offers a great user experience with a crisp 5″ touchscreen with anti-glare coating. The display unit has an integrated Led indicator for cut/fill information that is easy to follow the operator when excavating.

To meet the day-to-day needs of real-life construction projects, The Xsite® EASY is developed in close cooperation with excavator operators and construction professionals.

The new Xsite® EASY can be installed on any excavator. The system also supports a variety of tilt-rotator brands for integration. 

Future Proof Investment – Fully upgradeable to 3D

The new Xsite® EASY is one of the safest investments in the machine control market. As Xsite’s machine control solutions are fully compatible, the Xsite® EASY can be easily upgraded to a complete Xsite® PRO 3D machine control system if the time comes. 

EASY’s sensor and display are fully utilizable in the upgrade. The EASY display acts as an assisting cut/fill indicator for the 3D machine control system.

As many customers can benefit from a simple and solid machine control solution, we’re committed to offer software updates in the future also for the EASY system. The updates will bring additional features, e.g., joystick integration and compass support.

Visit us at BAUMA in Moba AG’s booth. You’ll find us indoors, stand: A2.237, and outdoor stand FS 1113/6!

The New Xsite® EASY – Features:

  • Fast and accurate measuring of depth, distance, and slope
  • Real-time visualization of the bucket and target-level orientation
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive user Interface
  • Light and dark theme for optimized visibility
  • Customizable views for different tasks
  • Measuring mode for continuing existing slopes and surfaces
  • Full-screen Cut/Fill View (selectable)
  • Support for a rotating Jobsite laser
  • Support for tilt-rotator integration


  • Crisp and clear, anti-glare touch screen (size: 5”)
  • Integrated “Quick Glance” LED indicator for Cut/Fill
  • Fast and accurate, waterproof G-series sensors (suitable for dredging)
  • Fully upgradeable to 3D machine control

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