Novatron and Vektorio into strategic cooperation

Novatron Oy, a technology company specializing in the automation of infrastructure construction, has acquired a minority share in Vektorio Oy, a company focused on digitalization of information models and software development in the construction industry.

“We are very excited about the cooperation to be launched with Vektorio. Both parties have a strong level of expertise in our industry and in the technology that promotes the digitalization of infrastructure construction. The cooperation supports our goal of offering the best solutions for intelligent infrastructure construction.” – Teemu Tervahauta, CEO of Novatron.

“In recent years, we have achieved a good market position in Finland with our Vektor products, and internationalization has also started strongly. Now is a good time to partner with a strong player in the field to ensure sufficient resources for further development and internationalization of our product. Novatron is an excellent partner for Vektorio as they already have machine control customers in several markets. Novatron also has special expertise in the infrastructure sector from the software side.” – Juha Vesanen, CEO of Vektorio.

Novatron Oy is a Finnish technology company focused on earthmoving automation, offering open solutions for digitalizing earthmoving jobsites and robotizing earthmoving machinery. Novatron develops and manufactures intelligent Xsite® machine control systems and software that enable efficient, safe, and sustainable infrastructure construction. More about Novatron»

Vektorio Oy is a Finnish software company that develops technology and a collaboration platform for different stages of the infrastructure construction life cycle. The Vektor Model Viewer solution is a browser-based cloud service that is unique in performance and usability. Vektor Model Viewer enables effortless combining and visualization of source data models, plans and construction models, and as-built data on computers and mobile devices. More about Vektorio»