Xsite MANAGE makes construction work more efficient and project management smoother

Optimal infra construction with Xsite® MANAGE cloud service

Finnish construction company, Tieluiska Oy, is a forerunner in environmental construction and has been one of Novatron’s development partners for years, giving the user perspective on products, services, and software updates.

Xsite® and Tieluiska Oy are working together towards a new digitalized way of infra construction. Tieluiska was one of the pilot customers involved in the development of Xsite MANAGE cloud service.  

Xsite MANAGE cloud service enables construction professionals to work smarter, use resources more efficiently, and become more competitive. The aim of Xsite MANAGE is to revolutionize construction work through its versatile functionalities, such as open format data management, wireless data transfer, remote connection, and real-time data. 

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“From the very beginning, we wanted to create a cloud service that brings a new way of working to infrastructure construction. Using Xsite MANAGE, construction sites can work more efficiently and accurately. The data is shared to all machines on the site in real-time, making it transparent for all,” says Fernando Korpi, Product Manager, Xsite.  

The Xsite MANAGE cloud service is a versatile tool for construction professionals and management for optimal site work. With Xsite® MANAGE, the whole team and each machine can be united in one platform for convenient collaboration. By analyzing project data, Xsite MANAGE can identify inefficiencies making the construction work intelligent and systematic. 

“Xsite MANAGE increases the fluency of site work by collecting comprehensive data into one platform. All the information and updates on projects and plans are available to everyone in real-time. MANAGE enables and improves work management through, for example, productivity reports,” says Esa Hytönen, BIM Coordinator & Land Surveying Manager, Tieluiska Oy.  

Developing with the user, for the user

Xsite has approached the design and development of MANAGE from the customer’s point of view, as the aim was to create a cloud service that truly serves the end-user. At this stage, Tieluiska played an important role in providing valuable feedback and ideas for further development of the MANAGE cloud service.  

Having Tieluiska as one of the pilot customers in MANAGE’s development work was natural, as Xsite has carried out similar joint development projects with the company before.

Tieluiska has also centralized its equipment to Xsite, whose machine control system can be found in all their excavators. Cooperation is also based on a shared interest in continuous improvement and the desire to digitize infra-construction further. 

“We want to be at the forefront in the construction industry and 3D modeling, so this kind of partnership serves us well,” Hytönen sums up the project. 

Effective cooperation benefits both parties involved 

The cooperation has benefited both parties: Xsite got valuable feedback and customer’s point of view throughout the development project, and Tieluiska was able to influence the final cloud service to best serve construction companies practical needs. 

“I couldn’t have hoped for smoother cooperation. The communication between us has worked well, and Fernando has listed down all my ideas – even the high-flying ones. Many of the development ideas I’ve put forward can now be found in the final cloud service,” says Hytönen. 

Together with Tieluiska, Xsite was able to test the cloud service on the field already in the beta phase. 

“We gained hands-on information about the service and got a view of which direction the development work should be directed,” summarizes Korpi. 

The excellent user experience of Xsite MANAGE and an intuitive user interface are a result of having the customer’s point of view heard from the very beginning of the development work.  

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