Xsite® DRILL RD – Machine Control for Non-Cabin Drill Rigs Now Available!

Xsite® DRILL RD: New Drilling and Hole Navigation System for Non-Cabin Drill Rigs

Xsite® introduces a new groundbreaking solution, Xsite® DRILL RD – A state-of-the-art drilling and hole navigation system designed especially for non-cabin drill rigs.

The Xsite DRILL RD (Remote Display) system enables non-cabin drill operators to navigate to the correct hole position and achieve the correct drilling angles and depth easily and safely.

Using the system, operators can perform their work faster and more accurately, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs.

“Xsite DRILL RD is designed specifically for non-cabin drill rigs to make the drilling process easier, faster, and safer for drill operators. We believe it will revolutionize the way drilling and hole navigation is done with non-cabin drill rigs.”

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Move Freely, Stay Safe

The system’s display/operating unit can be mounted directly on the drill rig’s remote controller. This allows the operator to move freely around the drill rig while maintaining safety distances and having the best possible visibility of the drilling area.

Xsite DRILL RD system is equipped with assistive features such as automatic selection of the nearest hole and the machine’s boom reach indicator, which help the drill operator navigate to the right hole quickly, accurately, and effortlessly.

Easy Access to System Features

The remote operating unit/display of Xsite DRILL RD grants the drill operator seamless access to all system features, including navigation, alignment, and drilling information.

The user-friendly interface enhances operational efficiency while prioritizing safety, as operators can perform tasks with minimal distraction and maximum control.

Xsite DRILL RD is now available for purchase! Contact your local Xsite sales team for more information.

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