Xsite DRIll RD

3D Machine Control System with Remote Display for Non-Cabin Surface Drills

Work easier, faster, and safer with Xsite® Machine Control!

Xsite® DRILL RD is a high-precision satellite-based drilling and hole navigation system tailor-made for non-cabin drill rigs.

The system helps the drill operator navigate to the correct hole position and assists in achieving the correct drilling angles and depth quickly and safely.

Save time and increase hole quality

Machine Control helps to eliminate positioning and orientation errors. The system guides the operator to navigate to the right hole and reach the right depth with correct inclination.

Fast and Accurate Documentation

Wireless data transfer and cloud connection speed up the drilling process and enable real-time documentation and reporting of work.

Savings on total cost of ownership

Xsite Machine Control improves the efficiency of the entire production chain and reduces overall operating costs (TCO).

Xsite® DRILL RD – Features

Wireless Transfer of Design Files

 A surface model, design model, or drill plan created with design software can be transferred wirelessly from the office to the Xsite® DRILL RD system as a file or as GPS coordinate points.

Drill Plans

The operator can create a drill plan on-site using the system, either based on an imported surface model or without a surface model.

The holes in the drill diagram can be designed as a group or individually. Versatile editing tools also allow a separate design of holes.

Navigation and Positioning

The system’s reach indicator displays the reach and coverage of the drill’s boom relative to the drill’s position and the drill plan, making the positioning and hole navigation quick and easy. 

The AutoSnap function automatically selects the nearest hole to be drilled. The hole can also be selected from the drill diagram manually. 

Versatile Drilling View

The drilling view shows the current drilling speed, the cumulative penetration rates in the different rock layers as a visual graph, as well as the drilling depth and borehole readiness.

Auto-stop to the target depth improves hole quality and makes working easier and safer.

Documentation of Work

Thanks to the two-way wireless cloud connection, post-drilling hole data (as-built) can be returned to the office for review or quality reporting.

In addition to Xsite MANAGE Cloud Service, the system supports 3rd party services, e.g., Infrakit, Gemini, and BlastMaster.

System Info

  • Rugged, 7″ Wireless Operation Panel (IP67)
  • Drill plan wizard
  • Auto-stop to target depth
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Support for IREDES, LandXML, .DXF and .GT file formats
  • Support for 3rd party services (E.g., Infrakit, Gemini, BlastMaster)
  • Remote support

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