The new LANDNOVA X combines modernized UI and superb usability

Xsite® has released a major software update for its flagship product Xsite® PRO 3D machine control system. The LANDNOVA X update is the biggest one since 2016 and will introduce new features, updated UI, and better connectivity to enhance the whole user experience. The update is based on user feedback and is designated with 30 years of experience in machine control.

New features to meet the user feedback and increase site efficiency

The LANDNOVA X software will have an updated icon-based UI with a new main menu and quick access to all the important functions. Text buttons have been replaced with icons, and unnecessary information has been removed to provide an even better user experience than before.

LANDNOVA X has new built-in model tools for creating offset surfaces and offset lines as well as profile creation based on imported lines. In addition, LANDNOVA X brings a possibility to log lines, which is useful especially in cable or pipe works. The software also provides better connectivity, as it is compatible with the Xsite® MANAGE cloud service.

Modernized look without compromising usability

The updated software and its improved user interface are designed to be easy-to-use for both new and current customers. Even though the LANDNOVA X provides several new features and modernized UI, the well-proven operating logic of the software will remain mainly the same.

The LANDNOVA X software update is released today, and it is available in selected markets.

New main menu if the Xsite PRO 3D with LANDNOVA X software
The LANDNOVA X software will have an updated user interface with a new main menu that offers an easy and quick access to all the important functions.

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