Story of Xsite® Machine Control

30 years of innovation – The story of Xsite®

The story of the Xsite® Machine Control Systems goes hand in hand with the story of Novatron, a Finnish earthmoving technology company, later accompanied by MOBA AG, a Germany-based global actor in the mobile machinery industry. These two family-owned companies are the founders of Xsite® – The brand making your day-to-day work easier, faster, and more productive.

To understand our philosophy, you need to know how our story started in 1991. At the time, Finland was in the middle of a severe depression, and many were left unemployed. Among them was Jukka Tervahauta, the founding father of Novatron. Not having any luck finding a new job, he took his destiny into his own hands — like a true Finn. Jukka rented a small 15 m2 office where he based his company.

From these humble beginnings, he created Novatron’s first product, a simple device that displayed the excavator’s bucket level to the operator in real-time. Today it might not seem much, but back then, it revolutionized the industry by removing the need for manual grade checking when excavating.

The first depth gauge for excavators, called DM-36, was introduced in 1991

Since then, a great variety of new technologies have emerged; satellite positioning, inertial measuring, and mobile networks for wireless data transfer. Machine guidance systems today have touchscreens to operate the system and visualize the project at hand. Design models and other data are transferred wirelessly over mobile networks, and the project designs can be updated within seconds. The modern systems are also able to integrate with the machine’s other utilities, such as tilt rotators and control joysticks.

In 2011 Novatron joined forces with MOBA AG, a family-owned company from Germany with more than 50 years of experience in the automation of mobile heavy machinery. Through the common ambitions and synergies between these companies, Xsite® was born.

Customer experience as a core value

As the world has changed largely from analog to digital, Xsite products are still developed with the same values Jukka set up in his humble office in the early 90s. Together with our customers and industry experts, we develop easy-to-use, intuitive products that serve construction industry professionals from machine operators to surveyors, foremen, and design engineers.

We know from experience that utilizing new technologies, and ways of working might seem intimidating from time to time. Knowing this, we aim to deliver the best possible customer experience to Xsite® users worldwide. How? -By providing outstanding local service with remote support and developing our systems to be reliable and easy to use for everyone.

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Help when you need it, wherever you need it

When it comes to Xsite, we take a lot of pride in our customer service. Our support and reseller network covers multiple countries all over the world. It’s pretty safe to say that almost wherever you are, you’re never alone with Xsite. From the Americas to Europe, East Asia, and Australia, you’ll be provided great know-how and support by our local experts.

It is our privilege and duty to serve the needs of everyone who works at earthmoving jobsites, from the bigger construction sites to the smallest job site with one man and his earthmoving machine. As we see it, continuous product development is vital to offer you the most up-to-date technologies and solutions that will help you in your day-to-day operations.

And why do we do all this? – We just want to make your life easier with Xsite. Simple as that.

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