Automation technology for excavators

Automate your excavator with Xsite’s RTEC™ technology

Xsite® Semi-automation system enables you to work more productive, efficient and safe. The technology can be installed to any existing machine design.

Update your excavator to meet the requirements of the future, today.

Grading assist

Grading assist automates the movement and speed of boom, arm and the bucket. Control is made simple by using only single lever movement.

Bucket assist

The bucket assist lets the operator lock the bucket’s orientation to assist in e.g. in loading work. The bucket will hold the set angle despite boom movement.

Increase productivity and performance with semi-automation

Xsite’s 2D semi-automation gets you significantly faster results and a major increase in accuracy compared to manual operations. With semi-automation you can:

  • Prevent over/under cutting
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower labor costs
  • Reduce machine hours
  • Reduce machine maintenance and site repair work
  • Enable lower learning curve for machine handling to new operators

Major improvements to work safety

Working inside buildings, under overpasses or power lines etc. becomes safer when using the safety features of the semi-automation system, as they can prevent the machine to reach out of set limits.

Working with the assisting features of Xsite® Semi-automation helps reduce fatigue of the operators, keep them more alert and awake for surrounding environment.

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